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For the first time in years, Samsung has changed up the charging speeds for its flagship devices. While the Galaxy S22 remains at the same 25W that we’re used to, the Galaxy S22+ and S22 Ultra can now reach wired charging speeds up to 45W! To celebrate this occasion, we’ve rounded up the best Galaxy S22 chargers that money can buy.

Best Galaxy S22 Chargers

Samsung 45W USB-C Super Fast Wall Charger

Although Samsung is no longer including a charger in the box, the company still offers its own USB-C wall charger. This includes both the charging brick and USB-C to USB-C cable while being able to charge your Galaxy S22+ or Ultra at the fastest speed of 45W.

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Anker 713 Nano II 45W

It should come as no surprise that the latest Anker wall charger is on the list for the best Galaxy S22 chargers. The Anker 713 Nano II is a GaN charger, providing up to 45W of power, while being one of the smallest chargers we’ve ever seen.

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Spigen 45W GaN Fast Charger

Over the last year or so, Spigen has been getting more and more into the charging game, providing a sleeker design and making chargers a bit more useful. This 45W PD Charger has a single USB-C port with charging speeds up to 45W, and sports a foldable plug that makes it perfect for traveling.

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TECKNET 45W GaN Wall Charger

With the TECKNET GaN Wall Charger, you’re not only getting a sleek and compact wall charger for your Galaxy S22, but there are also two Power Delivery 3.0 ports built-in. The charger recognizes when you have multiple devices charging, so it will distribute the power equally, without running the risk of over-charging anything.

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Baseus 100W 4-Port GaN II Charging Station

Baseus continues to impress, and the GaN II Charging Station shows us one major reason why. This sleek and compact wall charger is comprised of four total ports, with two USB-C and two USB-A ports. You can reach charging speeds up to 100W, making it possible to even charge Apple’s latest 16-inch MacBook Pro. Or, you can just enjoy knowing that your Galaxy S22 Ultra is charging as fast as possible.

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Anker 726 Nano II 65W Fast Charger

For some, the Anker 726 Nano II may be a bit overkill with its charging speeds up to 65W. But that’s actually really great because that means that you’ll be able to charge the Galaxy S22, as fast as possible, while also fast-charging another device.

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Samsung 15W Fast Charge Stand

Maybe you don’t care about charging multiple devices at the same time, or maybe you just want a charging stand for your desk. The Samsung Fast Charge Stand will provide the fastest wireless charging speeds while featuring two charging coils so you don’t have to worry about misplacing your S22 on the charger.

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Samsung Wireless Charger Trio

When it comes to wireless charging, Samsung is pretty fickle as there are proprietary technologies being used to get the fastest charging possible. With the Samsung Charger Trio, you’ll not only get the fastest wireless charging speeds, but you can also charge three devices at the same time, including a dedicated spot for your Galaxy Watch 3 or Watch Active 2.

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YooTech Wireless Charging Pad (2-pack)

Yootech is one of our favorite brands for wireless chargers, because you just get solid accessories without breaking the bank. With this bundle, you’ll get two wireless charging pads, so you can put one on your desk, or one on the nightstand. And no matter which way you go, you’ll always have a charger to use for your Galaxy S22.

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