Jan 27th, 2022

One of the goals of true wireless earbuds is to be the ultimate portable pair of earphones. Obviously in order to achieve this, many manufacturers tried to make the earbuds as small and light as possible, but clearly there had to be some compromises made where some audio quality had to be traded for portability.

This is why Master & Dynamics’ MW07 series of earbuds have been so highly regarded as they are not only small and portable, but they are one of the better-sounding earbuds in the market today thanks to its (relatively) large drivers compared to the competition. Of course, good sound does not come cheap, but we have good news for you.

Master & Dynamic will be holding a sale for the MW07 Plus earbuds from the 27-31st of January, 2022 where they will be knocking a whopping 40% off the price of the earbuds. All you need to do is enter the TAKE40 code upon checkout to claim the 40% discount. The sales will begin on the 27th of January at 8AM EST, so make sure to mark that down on your calendars if you want to take advantage of this massive discount.

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