WhatsApp working on tool to migrate messages from Android to iPhone


If you’re an Android user thinking about migrating over to iOS and the iPhone, there are several things you would need to take into consideration, such as app compatibility, how to manage all your old photos and contacts, and of course, chat history if you’re using instant messengers like WhatsApp.

We know that WhatsApp already has tools in place that lets iOS users move over to Android, but what about the other way around? The good news is that the company appears to be working on that as well.

This is according to a report from WABetaInfo who discovered that WhatsApp is working on a tool that lets Android users migrate their chat history over to iOS. Not much is known about this feature at the moment as it appears to be in development, but the screenshots above do confirm that it is something that’s being worked on.

The main reason why it isn’t so easy to migrate chat history is due to the backups that Android and iOS uses. On Android, WhatsApp relies on Google Drive, while iOS uses iCloud, meaning that it isn’t quite as straightforward compared to other apps like Slack, Skype, or Facebook Messenger where it’s all synced in the cloud.

Users can still make the transfer but it typically involves third-party apps, so this feature could be useful for those who are looking for a more official solution.

Source: WABetaInfo

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