Jan 17th, 2022

WhatsApp stickers are a fun way of expressing one’s emotions while talking with family, friends, and even colleagues. They help others get an exact idea of what you are feeling instead of making a guess or even misunderstanding you at times. There are plenty of third-party sticker apps that offer a lot of stickers to choose from but the real fun is in adding a personal touch by creating custom WhatsApp stickers.

The official support for custom stickers was released by WhatsApp last month. It eliminates the need for installing a third-party app or relying on any external tool using which can be risky. WhatsApp now lets you create personalized stickers directly from within the chat you are a part of. The only thing to note is that this new ability is currently limited to the WhatsApp web and desktop client.

Create custom WhatsApp Stickers:

  1. Launch WhatsApp for web or desktop as per your preference.
  2. Open an individual/group chat where you want to send a custom sticker.
  3. Click the file attachment icon and choose the Sticker option.
  4. A dialogue box will appear from where you can browse the image file and import it.
  5. WhatsApp will open the selected image along with a bunch of editing tools. You can choose to outline the image and/or add emojis, existing stickers, and text. It also has doodling and crop tools if you need them.
  6. Once your custom WhatsApp sticker is ready, click the Send button to share it with the recipient.

This is how easy and convenient it is to create your own custom WhatsApp stickers. It is unknown when we will get to see this native support arrive on the Android app. Nevertheless, we will keep you posted whenever WhatsApp will decide to expand the functionality beyond the web version and desktop.

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