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The impressive growth of the global gaming market is largely due to mobile gaming. Back in 2020, almost half of all global video gaming revenue derived from mobile games. And with more people owning and using their smartphones, the industry’s revenue will only accelerate, with forecasts predicting its income will surpass 100 billion dollars by 2023. 

A few attractions of mobile gaming, which fuels people’s interest and engagement, include:

  • The wide variety of games on offer
  • The positive way mobile games make players feel
  • and the convenience and accessibility of mobile games.

Below, we dig a little deeper into these points. 

Gaming Variety

As mobile technology improved, devices had an increased capacity to operate more complex games with better graphics and sounds.

Simultaneously, gaming companies enhanced and ploughed more money and time into creating games to entice and engage the public to play on their mobile. 

Consequently, players have an extensive variety of gaming genres to choose from, such as online casino games, puzzles, arcade games, action and battle royale games, multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), role-playing games (RPG) and so on. 

The extensive choice of mobile games means everyone’s interests are fulfilled.

Mobile Games Improve Your Mood

While entertainment and fun are the obvious reasons why most people play mobile games. The personal feelings experienced by mobile gamers while playing give us a deeper insight into the significance of mobile gaming to users. 

For instance, according to TapJoy, the most common reported emotion from mobile gamers was that they felt ‘relaxed’. With ‘interested’, ‘engaged’ and ‘happy’ as the next most-reported feelings.

Furthermore, their research also reveals that mobile games made players feel much happier and engaged than social apps. 

Access To Mobile Phones

There are 7.9 billion people worldwide, and according to Ericsson and the Radicati Group, there are 6.65 billion smartphone owners – 84% of the world’s population.

It’s evident that mobiles are multi-functional tools, as such, they have become a compulsory piece of tech for people of all ages to own. Consequently, more people have access to a mobile than other gaming devices, such as a PC or console. 

Having a phone, whether intentionally or unintentionally for gaming, means it’s likely to get played on at one point or another. More so because mobile phone portability means people can access games wherever they might be. 

Due to the popularity of mobile gaming, mobile phone developers have upgraded aspects of their devices to improve the fluidity, speed and visuals of games on mobile, including: 

  • Larger memory
  • Enhanced graphics 
  • 5G connectivity 
  • Upgraded camera
  • Longer battery life 
  • Bigger screens 
  • Increased compatibility
  • Responsiveness 

According to Tech Radar, these are some of the best mobiles designed for gaming in 2022:

  • Lenovo Legion Phone Dual – Superfast charging
  • Nubia Red Magic 5G – Ideal for gamers on a budget 
  • Razer phone 2 – Compact gaming phone

But, if purchasing a phone designed for gaming isn’t feasible for you right now. See below for a few things you can do to enhance your current phone’s gaming potential.

Charge it Up

It might sound obvious, but charging your mobile phone to its full capacity is essential for mobile gamers. 

Some games require a lot of power. And, if the phone turns off during a game, you could lose rewards and progress. So it’s vital to keep it charged to avoid this from happening.

Other ways to prolong battery life while gaming include turning on the phone’s power-saving mode, switching to airplane mode, and turning down the screen’s brightness. 

But if you still find your battery is running low after these adjustments. Consider buying a power bank for your mobile to keep with you as a backup, to charge your phone when there’s no access to a socket. 

Upgrade your Data Allowance

To maintain a stable internet connection while gaming, check whether you have enough data to facilitate the type and amount of mobile gaming you want to do. 

If your data is always running low from gaming. Check whether upgrading your current smartphone plan to unlimited data is an option.

Developer Options

You can access the developer options to enhance your gaming experience on mobile. For example, by selecting Force 4x MSAA, to enhance the graphics on your games. 

You can also make the most of your mobile’s memory and speed by limiting apps running in the background.  

How to Play Games on Mobile

best arcade games for android

Apart from ensuring you know everything about gaming on mobile. Here’s a step-by-step guide for mobile gaming beginners to start downloading games on their phones.

1) If you have a smartphone, access the Google Play store app on your phone. If you have an Apple phone, click on the App store. 

2) In the search bar, type ‘games’ or a specific game you want to play, such as ‘chess’, or ‘cards’.

3) From the options displayed, choose which game you’d like to download. You can usually see how well the game is rated by the reviews and star system, and whether it is free or costs money to play.

4) Once the gaming app has been downloaded to your phone, exit the store, and search for the new app on your home screen. 

5) Click on the new gaming app, and enter your details if requested to play. Then begin playing! 

Finding, downloading and playing games on mobile is that simple. Which is another reason why so many people prefer to play games on mobile over other devices.

As an additional tip, take time to experiment to find the games which most appeal to you, and uninstall any gaming apps you don’t like to avoid taking up the phone’s memory. Moreover, any games that require a sign-up fee or money to play, such as casino games, always set a budget, to avoid spending all your money at once – and to prolong the fun for another day. 

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