The Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 sports two displays and a surprising price tag


Lenovo has had a jam-packed set of announcements at CES 2022, as the company has practically refreshed its entire lineup of laptops. While the new ThinkPad Z13 and Z16 are intriguing for being environmentally friendly, the Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 might be the most exciting new release.

Before you even open the laptop, it may look a bit odd due to just how wide the build is. And while it’s great to enjoy a 17.3-inch display on your laptop, that’s not what sets the ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 apart from the competition. Lift the lid on this new laptop, and you’ll be greeted with a keyboard and trackpad, along with an 8-inch secondary touchscreen display. That’s right. There’s another display, embedded right into the laptop’s frame.

The specs for Lenovo’s ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 pretty much line up with many of the other laptops we’re seeing announced during CES. The laptop is powered by Intel’s 12th-gen H-series processor, up to 32GB of RAM, and up to 1TB of NVMe Gen 4 SSD storage. There’s an embedded fingerprint scanner in the power button, along with an FHD webcam complete with face recognition and a privacy shutter.

Not only is the 8-inch display touch-sensitive, but it could also make for the perfect way to interact with the Your Phone app after pairing your Android phone. This is especially true as you can actually launch and use apps from your Android phone on your Windows computer, and having the app off on a different screen without needing to pull out your phone would definitely make things a bit easier.

Another possible use-case for this additional display is to use leave a note-taking app open and use a Lenovo stylus to jot down notes throughout the day. Think about being able to take hand-written notes without having to switch away from your computer, and then continue to get some work done on the massive primary screen.

The Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 will arrive in May, with a starting price of just $1,399. That’s an impressive entry price given that you’re getting a massive screen and an additional screen built into the laptop. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get our hands on the ThinkBook Plus, and we’ll be back to share our thoughts about this interesting laptop.


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