Are you having connection problems with your Pixel 6? You’re not alone and Google knows about it


Earlier this month, Google started rolling out the December Security Patch for Pixel owners. Suspiciously, the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro were not a part of the initial wave of the rollout. Presumably, this had to do with the Pixel 6 series still being a bit newer and the security patch needing to be properly adapted for the Tensor chip. However, now the update started arriving for some users, bringing with it a rather frustrating bug.

Users on Reddit and other areas of the web started complaining about unreliable network stability, with some even stating that their Pixel 6 wouldn’t connect to networks in areas it was previously available. The rumors started flying about Google possibly pushing the wrong build of an update, with the differences being between global versions and those used with specific carriers.

Many of the affected users seem to largely only be in Europe, but there are reports of issues in other regions. After the problems became more pronounced, 9to5Google provided the following update:

A Google spokesperson has confirmed to 9to5Google that the issue with connectivity problems is not related to the software build, as many speculated. The company says that the builds that have been rolled out are not wrong and that both updates have the same features and functionality and that there is “no benefit” to using one version over another in different regions.

Google further added that it is “actively investigating” this issue and will provide more information as it is available.

Since there’s no real “fix” available just yet, you might want to hold off on updating your Pixel 6 with the December Security Patch until another bug fix is released. In the event that you have already installed the update and are experiencing issues, the best course of action might be to downgrade the firmware, but that’s a long and potentially frustrating process in itself.


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