Xiaomi’s new battery technology can increase capacity by an extra 10%


Despite all the advancements we’ve made in smartphone technology, battery still feels like an area that we’re lagging behind. To improve battery life, we’ve had to rely on other tech like more efficient chipsets, smarter software, or just going the simplest route and stuffing the biggest possible battery into the phone.

That being said, it seems that Xiaomi is working on something that could change that. In a post on Weibo, Xiaomi announced a “breakthrough” in battery technology that they claim will increase battery capacity by as much as 10%. It might seem like a small jump, almost negligible, but the amazing thing about this tech is how Xiaomi is not only increasing capacity, but at the same time maintaining the physical size of the battery itself.

This means that phone makers may soon no longer have to compromise between design and battery size. According to Xiaomi, this is thanks to the tech which can increase electrode silicon content and improved packaging tech. This allows the control circuits to bend and sit flush against the top of the battery instead of sticking out, which helps reduce its overall footprint.

So for example a battery with a 4,000mAh capacity could actually pack as much as 4,400mAh without increasing in physical size, which is actually pretty cool. The company believes that they can actually start producing these batteries as soon as next year, but we’re not sure which of its phones are expected to take advantage of it.

Source: Android Police

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