Apple releases app that lets Android users know if they’re being tracked by an AirTag


One of the main advantages that Apple’s AirTag trackers have over the competition is that it leverages Apple’s Find My network. This is a network that basically uses nearby Apple devices like an iPhone to ping the location of another device, essentially creating a huge mesh network that can be used to track lost/stolen iPhones even if they’re out of Bluetooth range.

Unfortunately, this in turn creates a privacy problem because given how cheap the AirTags are, they can be bought in bulk and used by people to track other people without their knowledge. Apple has already baked in preventive measures into iOS devices, and now it looks like Android users will be covered as well.

The company has released a new app called “Tracker Detect” for Android which allows Android users to scan and detect any AirTags that might be nearby. Now, this won’t just scan all AirTags in the surrounding area, because that in turn would be kind of a privacy nightmare for AirTag owners.

Instead, based on the app’s description, the app will scan for AirTags that are separated from its owner. This means that if you have a feeling you’re being followed, you can use this app to try and determine if you might be tracked by a rogue AirTag. The app will also allow users to play a sound to locate the AirTag, as well as provide instructions on how to remove the battery, essentially disabling it in the process.

Source: MacRumors

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