The Pixel 6 Pro could be getting face unlock in a future update


Google’s Pixel 6 phones come with several security features that prevents the phone from being unlocked by someone else that isn’t you. We’re talking about standard features like passcodes, and also biometric security features like the in-display fingerprint sensor.

Now according to a report from 9to5Google, they have uncovered strings in the Android 12L Beta for the Pixel devices that suggests that Google could be bringing face unlock to the Pixel 6 Pro. There have been rumors leading up to the Pixel 6’s announcement that face unlock could be a potential feature, but clearly it did not make the final cut.

The teardown of the Android 12L Beta now suggests that Google could have simply delayed the feature and that it could come in a future update, although when exactly remains to be seen. Unfortunately, further digging has revealed that there is a good chance that this feature could be exclusive to the Pixel 6 Pro.

This is because based on the code files that they looked at, there was no sighting to these strings for the Pixel 6, so for those who bought the cheaper Pixel 6, you’re out of luck. That being said, it should be noted that the Pixel 6 Pro doesn’t seem to have any special hardware that would suggest a better-than-normal face unlock that could be on the level of Apple’s Face ID system, but we suppose at the very least it gives users one more option.

Google Pixel 6 Pro - 5G Android Phone - Unlocked Smartphone
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Source: 9to5Google

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