OPPO’s new MariSilicon X NPU promises huge imprvements to smartphone photography


OPPO is stepping out from the pack by introducing its new MariSilicon X NPU (neural processing unit) that will have a dramatic improvement on the images and videos captured by OPPO’s flagship smartphones.

The MariSilicon X NPU also combines a custom-built image signal processor (ISP) that will dramatically improve the speed at which OPPO’s phones will be able to process images and videos. Compared to the OPPO Find X 3 Pro, one of the best devices of 2021, the MariSilicon X will deliver a 20x performance improvement.

One of the main features enabled by the MariSilicon X is its ability to capture 20bit HDR, a massive improvement over current smartphones. This capability is also available when capturing RAW files and video as well with real-time 4K AI processing. MariSilicon X’s performance also delivers improvement to low-light capture modes as well with a reduction in noise for sharper still images and video, even enabling 4K AI HDR Night Video.

In OPPO’s own words, the MariSilicon X “unlocks the full potential of OPPO’s RGBW sensor.”

The examples show off using the MariSilicon X give OPPO’s new NPU an advantage over devices like the iPhone 13 Pro and competing flagship devices. While OPPO has been a leader within the smartphone photography space for a few years now with its uniquely-designed camera mobiles like on the Oppo Find X and leading the way with the periscope zoom camera, the MariSilicon X will give OPPO a leg up on the completion if the real-world results turn out as promised.

OPPO is planning on bringing the MariSilicon X to market with its next Find X Series smartphone, expected to make its debut at Mobile OWrld Congress in Q1 of 2022.

OPPO  MariSilicon X details

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