Another day, another problem with the Google Pixel 6’s fingerprint sensor


The Google Pixel 6 is the first Pixel handset to feature the use of an in-display fingerprint sensor. Unfortunately for users, it has run into numerous issues, such as it being sluggish compared to other sensors found on other phones.

Google tried to explain the issue stating that enhanced security was the reason why the sensor might be slow, but we have to wonder how they might explain away this particular issue that popped up on Reddit. According to the user, they claim that the sensor was working fine until their phone’s battery had completely discharged.

“After plugging it in to charge and going through entering my pin once, I noticed that the icon for fingerprint scanner stopped showing up on the screen. Now I’m stuck with entering the pin every time that I want to unlock the device. Going into settings, I noticed that the fingerprint profile is no longer there.”

The user claims that when they tried to re-enrol their fingerprint, they were greeted by the error message saying, “Enrollment was not completed Fingerprint enrollment didn’t work. Try again or use a different finger.” They then tried to use all their other fingers without any luck, even using someone else’s finger just to check, and it did not work.

Based on the comments in the thread, there are other Pixel 6 owners who have run into similar issues. Until Google releases a fix, the best thing to do is ensure your phone’s battery doesn’t fully deplete.

Source: Reddit

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