Nov 11th, 2021

With the launch of the new MacBook Pros, Apple also launched their own branded polishing cloths priced at $19 each. Surprisingly they have proven to be very popular amongst customers and quickly sold out, despite the hefty price tag for what is essentially a piece of cloth.

Samsung, never one to fail to take advantage of a potential trolling of their long-standing rival, decided to hand out polishing cloths to Galaxy S20 owners over in Germany. This seems to be a limited promotion and we doubt we’ll see it make its way to other parts of the world, but it’s a nice touch admittedly.

It was being offered through the Samsung Members app and there were 1,000 units as part of the giveaway. As to why it was offered to Galaxy S20 owners and not Galaxy S21 owners? According to SamMobile, they speculate that because the Galaxy S20 turns two years old next year, Samsung could be hoping that this little act of generosity will keep customers loyal, in case some of them were thinking of moving to the iPhone next year.

It’s hard to say how effective this deal is, but that being said, polishing cloths are pretty cheap anyway and if Samsung manages to convince some customers to stay, it’s a pretty good investment on their part.

Source: SamMobile

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