Google Pixel 6 experiencing weird display flickering issue


There are a lot of great reasons to be an early adopter, but just as there are upsides, there are also downsides. The downsides being that when you’re an early adopter, you’re bound to run into issues with the product or service that will eventually get ironed out with subsequent releases.

Unfortunately for those who were quick to pull the trigger on Google’s new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro handsets, they are now reporting display issues with the phone. Apparently it seems that whenever these users press on the power button while their devices are turned off, a weird display flicker takes place.

Display flickering when pressing start button while phone is off
by u/HairyPorter23 in Pixel6

These don’t appear to be isolated issues as Android Police has also reported that they are experiencing similar problems with their review units. It is unclear what the problem could be and why this flicker is happening, but some users on Reddit are speculating that this could be due to static discharge that is released when the button is pressed.

Apart from being rather annoying and slightly alarming, the flickering display doesn’t appear to impact the functionality or use of the phone, meaning that users can keep using their phone like normal. If you are experiencing this problem yourself, you could always try taking it back to Google and see if you can get an exchange.

Hopefully this is something Google is now aware of and hopefully they’ll have something to say about it instead of leaving their customers in the dark.

Source: Android Police

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