Google Fi calls between Android users will be end-to-end encrypted


Are you worried for whatever reason that someone else might be listening in to your phone calls? If you are concerned, then maybe Google Fi could be a carrier worth switching over to. This is because Google has recently announced that soon, Google Fi will offer end-to-end encryption when it comes to voice calls.

What end-to-end encryption means is that the data being sent between devices is fully encrypted until it arrives on its intended device. This means that should someone manage to intercept the message while it is being transmitted, they won’t be able to hear or read what’s on it.

According to Google, how end-to-end encryption works for Google Fi is that the keys to the encryption are created by each device and exchanged with each other before the call starts. The calls are placed using Google’s services but it cannot be decoded by Google themselves or anyone else, save for the intended recipients of the call.

The key used for decrypting the calls are then deleted once the call comes to an end. Before you get too excited, there are some caveats to this. For starters, this only works on 1:1 calls, and both parties will have to use Google Fi and both devices need to be Android. This means that an iPhone user on Google Fi won’t be able to take advantage of this security feature.

Also, WiFi calling will need to be enabled for it to work, and users are also expected to have a strong WiFi or data connection during the call.

Source: 9to5Google

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