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Best contact widgets for Android


Our smartphones aren’t just used for social media or watching videos. They are used for keeping in contact with people and being able to reach out or be contacted, which is kind of the whole point of phones to begin with.

If you do tend to use the phone quite a lot and not just for surfing the web or browsing social media, then having contacts front and center would certainly make it easier for you to get in touch with people in your phonebook.

That’s why having contact widgets can be useful because it puts everything on your home screen so you can easily reach out whenever you want instead of having to find that person in your phonebook. So, if you’re looking for some contact widgets to try out, here are some widgets we found that you might be interested in.

Contacts Widget

This is a widget that lets you place your contacts on the home screen so you can easily call them at a touch of a button. There are various styles to choose from, whether you just want to place one contact on the screen or if you want to have a bunch of them in a grid format, the widget’s got you covered. You can also sort by category and there are also various social media options that you can associate that contact with.

Speed Dial Widget

As the name implies, this is a widget that’s aimed more towards users who want to be able to quickly call select contacts directly from the home screen. You could think of this like an emergency or favorites list, so instead of spending time looking for that contact in your phonebook, you’ll be able to tap on their profile photo on your home screen and get in touch with them.

Veer contacts widget

These days, many of us rely on messenger platforms instead of just regular SMS. This means that instead of just the phone or SMS, there are multiple ways we can be contacted. With the Veer contacts widget, you’ll be given the choice of messenger to contact that person with, whether it be phone, SMS, WhatsApp, or email, just to name a few. The widget is also very customizable in different shapes and orientations to suit your needs.

Favorite Contacts Widget Blur

This widget has a bit of an odd name, but that’s because this is based on the Motorola Blur favorite contact widget, but improved upon since the original. The widget is completely resizable so you should be able to get it to fit your home screen. It is also not very intrusive as it sits there until you’re ready to use it, then tap on your contacts and it will expand to reveal additional information.

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