Netflix for Android now lets you play movies and TV shows at random


Starting a new TV series can be a tougher decision than you think. After all, if this is something you’ll be committing your time to in the future, it better be good. Unfortunately, trying to make such a decision can leave you feeling like there are simply too many options to choose from and you end up watching nothing.

Netflix knows this as they have since rolled out a new “Play Something” feature for its Android app. As the name implies, this will simply play something in Netflix’s catalogue seemingly at random. It is essentially a shuffle feature except that the options Netflix will be picking from will be based on what they believe you like based on your interests and prior viewing behavior.

This could potentially help users discover new shows that they might not have even considered or known about previously, while also help them make a decision instead of browsing endlessly.

If this sounds familiar, it is because it’s not an entirely new feature. Netflix had previously announced it during the Q4 2020 earnings and had actually started testing it out in select regions, but now it appears that it is being rolled out to all Android users around the world with Netflix on their phones.

Based on the public feedback that some users have shared, it appears that this feature is actually working out pretty well, so if you find yourself stuck trying to choose the next Netflix show to watch, then perhaps this could be a feature worth checking out.

Source: TechCrunch

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