Samsung’s Exynos chipset with AMD GPU will support ray tracing


It is largely expected that Samsung’s Galaxy S22 flagship phones in 2022 will most likely be powered by the company’s Exynos 2200 chipset. Sure, Samsung updates its chipsets every year, so what is so exciting about it? For starters, it will be powered by an AMD GPU, which given AMD’s experience in the field sounds very promising.

Samsung has now shared additional details on Weibo about the upcoming chipset, and how one of the features and advantages that users can expect is support for ray tracing. According to the post which was machine translated:

“Ray tracing technology is an advanced graphics display technology supported on desktop GPUs. By calculating the position of light and the area of reflection, the pixels in the position area are rendered one by one to produce a lifelike effect. This technology is is also about to be carried on the mobile terminal of smartphones through Samsung Exynos GPU, taking the experience of mobile games to a higher level.”

Samsung also shared an image that demonstrates the difference between a GPU without ray tracing and a GPU with ray tracing. Keep in mind that the image isn’t actually rendered by the Exynos 2200’s GPU, but is rather a visual demonstration of what ray tracing could bring to the table in terms of graphics for games.

It will be exciting to see what this could be like for mobile games in the future and how well the Exynos 2200 will perform in real-life. 2022 certainly can’t come fast enough!

Source: XDA Developers

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