Celebrate the release of Android 12 with this Android Snow Cone wallpaper


Earlier today, Google announced the launch of Android 12 with AOSP, and since then, we’ve seen a few phone makers also announce their plans for Android 12. Dave Burke, VP of Engineering, was the author of the announcement blog post for AOSP, and then took to Twitter to give everyone a taste of Android 12 Snow Cone.

See, back in 2019 with the release of Android 10, Google “said goodbye” the nicknames based on tasty treats. You can go back and check out our track record, as we were able to successfully predict the names of several Android releases over the years. But just because Google doesn’t publicly associate Android versions with desserts anymore, doesn’t mean that they don’t still do so for the codename.

Earlier this year, Mishaal Rahman over at XDA found references to Android 12 internally being referred to as Snow Cone. This comes after Android 11 (or R) was referenced as Red Velvet Cake. Now, Dave Burke is back with a “cool background” filled with Android-themed snow cones.

This definitely shows that while Google still likes to have fun even if it doesn’t say that the latest version is Android 12 Snow Cone. Better yet, you can download the image, as we’ve embedded it below. The only “catch” is that the picture’s resolution is just 1920 x 1080, so it’s definitely not the highest of qualities. But even still, if you want to have some fun, use it as your wallpaper!


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