Wallpaper Engine for Android is coming soon


Live wallpapers aren’t new to Android, but they are for Windows. There is still no official support for live wallpapers on Windows, which is what led to the creation of Wallpaper Engine. This is an app for Windows computers that helps apply live wallpapers to the operating system.

Now it looks like the developers have since announced on Steam that an Android companion app is in development that will bring live wallpapers to Android. We know that this isn’t a new feature per se, but if you like matching your desktop and mobile devices together, and want more options and features, then perhaps this could be worth checking out.

According to the developers, the Android app will be free without any in-app purchases or ads, but this is because you will need to own the Windows app for it to work and sync together. The Windows app costs $4 which we reckon is a pretty fair price, so if you’re looking to take your phone’s themes to the next level, it is a small investment you’ll have to make.

As to why you might want to use Wallpaper Engine instead of any other app? According to the developers:

“The feature set is very extensive and just like Wallpaper Engine for Windows, the wallpapers are fully dynamic and allow for a great level of user customization. You can also configure a wallpaper playlist, set an FPS limit and configure other battery-saving features and import local videos and GIFs straight into the app.”

The app isn’t available yet but the developers estimate that it should be available come October or November.

Source: Android Authority

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