Sep 24th, 2021

Back in 2017 during I/O, Google teased an upcoming feature for its Photos app that would allow users to “magically” erase objects in a photo. This would be incredibly useful to remove debris and objects in the frame without destroying the photo, especially if you’re not exactly a seasoned photo editing professional.

Unfortunately, apparently Google deprioritized the feature and we haven’t heard about it since, but that could change this year. A report from XDA Developers has revealed that Google could actually be bringing the feature back and onto the Pixel 6 smartphones.

This feature has been referenced in the Google Camera app as “swiss”, which in turn is linked to a feature called “magic eraser”. While we can’t say for certainty that this is the same feature Google unveiled in 2017, it certainly sounds a lot like it.

There are already third-party apps that can remove objects from a photo, but when the feature was demonstrated in 2017, it was Google’s way of showing off its machine learning capabilities.

Given that Google’s Tensor chipset is said to be more focused on AI and machine learning rather than just raw power, this could be a good demonstration of the chipset in action.

The Pixel 6 smartphones do not have a launch date at the moment, but it is speculated that they will be announced in October, so hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for the details.

Source: XDA Developers

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