Microsoft claims Android 11 is coming to the Surface Duo before the end of 2021


It’s been over a year at this point, and Microsoft just unveiled the Surface Duo 2. But there’s something missing from the original Surface Duo, and that’s the Android 11 update. Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about the Duo 2 coming with Android 10, as it ships with Android 11. But Microsoft still seems a bit lost in the weeds when it comes to its first foldable phone.

Speaking to The Verge, a Microsoft spokesperson provided the following statement:

“We remain committed to providing updates to Surface Duo, and we’re working to bring Android 11 to existing customers before the end of this year.”

There are a couple of problems with this statement. First of which, it shows that Microsoft remains unsure as to what to do when it comes to software. The company has been releasing regular updates, but these more-so aim to fix problems that are plaguing the device, instead of actually introducing new features. Second of all, a device sold at the end of 2020 is still running a software version that is two years old.

Another concern is whether this will be the same experience had when it comes to get Android 12 on the Surface Duo 2. During its keynote presentation, Microsoft didn’t provide any indication that Android 12 was in the works or whether it would be coming before the end of 2022.

When you have a device priced at $1,500, and already appeals to more of a niche market compared to the Galaxy Z Fold 3, you could at least try and nail down the software. Microsoft has supposedly been working with Google on improving the software experience on foldable phones. And we expected the Surface Duo 2 to launch with Android 11. However, the uncertainty about what the future holds for these devices is just one that leaves us feeling a bit uneasy about it all.

Hopefully, Microsoft will provide a bit of clarity sooner rather than later. A software update roadmap of sorts would be nice. But we’re not holding our breath on that, and honestly, neither should you.


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