Amazon’s upcoming hardware event could be much bigger than we thought


Over the past month, Amazon has launched a line of self-branded Amazon Fire TVs, a new Fire TV Stick 4K, updated Kindle Paperwhite models, and confirmed an event is coming next week. When the event for next week was announced, it was expected that we will be introduced to some new Echo speakers. But a new report from Bloomberg suggests that the event will mark the debut for much more than just those.

Here’s a breakdown of what Bloomberg claims will be announced at the event:

  • Echo for Walls – Codenamed Hoya, a 15-inch Amazon Echo smart display is in the cards. This Echo device can be mounted on the wall or just placed on a table. By doing so, it would give users a mounted smart display that can be used to control your smart home, along with featuring the power of Alexa.
  • Home Robot – Amazon has been working on a home robot for the past few years, codenamed Vesta. The device does not feature any arms and can’t use the stairs, but it would be able to follow a user around the home and remind them of upcoming events. Bloomberg reports that this is not a sure-fire release, but it could be equipped with either a 7-inch or 10-inch display.
  • Sound Bar – The market for sound bars has exploded, and Amazon was expected to release an Alexa-powered option of its own. However, that has yet to come to fruition, but this could be announced at the upcoming event. One version includes a built-in front-facing camera and would allow you to take video calls from your TV.
  • Cars – A 2nd-gen Echo Auto is expected to be announced, allowing you to pair your smartphone over Bluetooth and have access to Alexa through your cars speakers. Amazon is also working closer with different car makers to integrate Alexa, and it’s possible that we see some type of announcement at this event.
  • Speakers and Wearables – If we do see new Amazon Echo speakers, these will be more of an iterative update since last year provided the much-needed design overhaul. But Amazon has also been working on wearables, and could debut a fitness tracker for kids and another designed specifically for senior citizens.

In addition to these new products and devices, Bloomberg also reports that Amazon is may be working with custom processors for the Echo. This would help Amazon “better align its Alexa and Fire TV operating systems to help integrate its Echo and TV devices.” But the processor will also focus on providing a better software experience while improving the AI used in with Alexa and Amazon’s devices.

Even with this report coming from Bloomberg and Mark Gurman, this feels a lot more like what could be in the pipeline for future releases. Something like the home robot would be an odd announcement, although it would definitely garner plenty of headlines. It feels like Amazon is taking more of the “Xiaomi” approach when it comes to its IoT devices, at least compared to what Google and Apple are doing.


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