Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Thom Browne Edition is for all the fashionistas out there


One of the problems with smartwatches is that some of them look a bit too “hi-tech”. While they are hi-tech pieces of gadgetry, we imagine that there are some users who probably wish that they were designed to be more subtle so that it might actually pair well with a nice suit, an evening gown, and so on.

If you care about fashion but also want the hi-tech wizardry of a smartwatch, Samsung has actually taken the wraps off a new version of the Galaxy Watch 4. This is the Thom Browne edition which will be a limited edition version of the Galaxy Watch 4 but will also be coming in at twice the price at $799.

So what makes this so special? Under the hood, the hardware will remain pretty much identical so the changes are pretty much just on the surface. The watch’s body will be made of a “rare, premium rhodium plating” with the Thom Browne logo etched into its side, so everyone knows that you’re wearing something special.

There will also be three interchangeable bands designed for the watch which includes leather, fabric, and rubber, so you can switch it up depending on the occasion. The charging puck has also been given a bit of a makeover to make it look more in line with the rest of the watch.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Thom Browne Edition will retail for $799 and will be exclusive to Samsung’s website starting from the 29th of September.

Source: 9to5Google

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