Hey Google, can we have the Pixel 6 now?


Usually when a company is leading up to a product announcement, they tend to keep mum so as not to spoil the surprise. They might hide a few hints in the invite leading up the announcement, but that’s usually it. Google seems to be going about it in reverse, where not only have they revealed the Pixel 6’s design, but they put out an ad for the phone ahead of the official launch.

Speaking of official launches, Google still has yet to confirm when the handset will be revealed in its entirety. Come on Google, you’ve already revealed this much information, why not just get on with it?

That being said, while we’re still waiting for Google to set a formal date for the Pixel 6’s launch, here’s what we know about the handset so far (based on rumors and official info), and why it could possibly be Android’s most exciting handset of 2021.

A brand new design

In terms of design, the Google Pixel 6 seems to be heading in a completely new direction compared to its predecessors. While Google’s Nexus and Pixel phones have never really been “ugly”, they were exactly the most beautiful either, but the Pixel 6 seems to be changing that narrative.

Instead of opting for a more traditional cluster of cameras in the corner, Google has decided to line them up in a row across the back of the phone, giving it a very futuristic vibe. The recently-released ad actually gives us a good idea of what to expect and we have to say it actually looks better than the renders.

Google’s first chipset

This is where it gets interesting and why we think the Pixel 6 could be the most exciting phone of 2021.

This is because after years of rumors, Google has finally unveiled its own chipset that they’re calling Tensor. Google has typically relied on Qualcomm for its chipsets in the past, but with the Tensor series, it will give Google more control over its own hardware and since they already own the software, we imagine that future Google Pixel handsets will be more optimized for Android than ever.

Not much is known about the capabilities of the Tensor chipset and how it might fare against Apple’s A-series, Samsung’s Exynos, or Huawei’s Kirin, but even if it falls behind at launch, we imagine that it probably won’t take long for them to eventually catch up.

New, brighter cameras with optical zoom

Along with confirming the design and the new chipset, Google has also revealed that the Pixel 6 will come with a new ultra-wide camera that will be capable of letting in 150% more light. This means that the new Pixel phones will be better at taking photos in low-light situations, although to be fair Google has actually done a pretty good job on that front so far.

Also, the larger Pixel 6 is also said to come with a 4x optical zoom telephoto lens, but how it fares against other phones with similar or even longer zooms remains to be seen.

Finally, an in-display fingerprint sensor

This last bit of information wasn’t revealed or confirmed by Google, but based on a recent tweet by Google exec Hiroshi Lockheimer, it was hinted that Google could finally be adopting an in-display fingerprint sensor for the Pixel 6 series. The company had previously continued to rely on external sensors, which is fine but a bit clunky, so it’s nice to see them finally catch up to the competition.

Most likely coming in October

Like we said, Google hasn’t set a date yet for the phone’s launch. Some did speculate it could take place in September, but the latest rumors are now claiming that it will probably now take place in October.

In a way it makes sense because Apple’s iPhone 13 is being unveiled this month, so Google might want to let the excitement die down a bit before introducing their new phone. With Samsung’s new foldables out of the way, October could be the perfect time for Google’s new Pixel phones to shine.

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