Android 12 could be released on October 4


The Android 12 update will be the latest version of Android that Google will be releasing, but so far the company has kept mum on when the update will be released. In all fairness, we suppose it’s better for them to just work on polishing it rather than set a public deadline and try to rush it out.

That being said, the good news is that we might not have to wait much longer. This is because according to a report from XDA’s Mishaal Rahman, apparently the Android 12 update should be released on the 4th of October.

This date is based on when Google plans on releasing the update to AOSP, which typically speaking is also when Google usually makes the update available for Android devices. If you own a Pixel phone that’s eligible for the update, you should be able to expect it either on the day itself or shortly after.

If you happen to be rocking a non-Pixel phone, then it’s really quite hard to say when your manufacturer plans on releasing the update for their devices. Also, you will need to see how old your phone is because for the most part, most manufacturers stop issuing major Android OS updates after two years.

It has been pointed out that Android 12 seems to be taking longer compared to Android 11, which was released around September last year, but we suppose it’s better that Google iron out all the kinks first.

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