Google One has a new 5TB tier for $25 a month


The problem with cloud storage tiers is that companies probably purposely set it up in a way where there is no happy middle, and where you either have to opt for very low storage or very high storage, presumably to force users to pick the more expensive option.

If this was something that irked you with Google One, then you might be happy to hear that Google has actually since introduced a new tier in the form of a 5TB option. This will be priced at $25 a month and sits between the 2TB tier and 10TB tier, which are priced at $10 and $50 respectively.

Prior to the 5TB option, users had to either choose between paying a somewhat reasonable $10 a month for 2TB, or go all the way to 10TB at $50, in which they might not need that much. For some users, maybe 2TB is cutting it too close, while 10TB is a bit extreme, and at $40 more, it’s not exactly cheap.

This is why it’s actually good that Google is now offering an in-between at $25 a month, making this work out to be $5 per TB per month. Prior to this, if you were hoping for an in-between tier, it was rumored that T-Mobile was working with Google to offer a 500GB option at $5 a month, but the latest report from Tmo.Report is claiming that it has since been delayed.

Source: 9to5Google

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