Motorola’s over-the-air wireless charging can now charge four devices at the same time


Right now, wireless charging tech as we know it involves placing a device onto a charging surface like a puck or a mat. While technically no wires are involved between the device and the charger, the moment you remove the device off the mat, it stops charging, so in a way you’re still tethered in principle.

The good news is that companies like Motorola are working on “true” wireless over-the-air charging systems and in a recent post made to its Weibo account, the company has updated its current system, known as Space Charging, where it can now charge as many as four devices at the same time.

Motorola actually showed off a demonstration of its OTA wireless charging system earlier this year. It was revealed after Xiaomi showed off something similar. Right now Space Charging exists more as a proof of concept rather than something that you can actually buy, but the new video suggests that Motorola is continuing to work and develop it.

The air charging station used in the video also has 1,600 antennas that Motorola claims will be able to pass through various obstructions, so it is possible to maybe place it in an office and users will be able to charge their devices, even if tables and other furniture are in the way.

That being said, Motorola did announce earlier in May that they would also be working with GuRu Wireless to bring OTA wireless charging to its future phones, so it is unclear why they are also working on Space Charging at the same time.

Source: Android Authority

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