Xiaomi is giving their very first customers their money back


When Xiaomi was first starting out, they didn’t have the same level of clout and reputation that they have today. This meant that anyone looking to buy their phones would be taking a chance on a relatively unknown company. Fast forward to today, and Xiaomi has recently dethroned Samsung as the biggest smartphone vendor in the world.

To thank these customers for taking a chance on them, the company has announced on Weibo that everyone who pre-ordered the Xiaomi Mi 1, which was the first-ever smartphone they launched back in 2011, they will be giving them a “refund”, although it does not mention how much they will be getting back.

The Mi 1 was launched at a price of around $300, so we can safely assume that this is how much customers will be getting back. $300 won’t get you much these days as far as phones are concerned, but it’s still a nice gesture all the same. The refund is said to take place in the form of store credit so if you are still a loyal Xiaomi customer a decade later, you can use this money to buy some of their other products.

Xiaomi claimed that they had sold about 184,600 units of the Mi 1 back in the day, which meant that they earned themselves around $57 million, not too bad for a first device.

Source: Android Authority

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