A 5G-enabled BlackBerry is in the works, but there’s no release date in-sight


If you thought you had seen the last of BlackBerry, think again. Last summer, BlackBerry announced a partnership with Onward Mobility in an effort to delivery a 5G-enabled BlackBerry device in 2021. Today, Onward Mobility didn’t exactly announce a new device, but instead, has opened up registrations for one.

A new “pre-commitment” program has been announced, simply called “The Program”. By signing up, you’ll be added to an Onward Mobility subscription list and will be provided with “product, feature, and availability updates” before the public.

  • In the Know: 
    • First to receive product, feature, and availability updates-before the general public.
  • Drive Design:
    • Provide input to directly influence product features and functionality
  • Be the Early Bird:
    • Pre-order the device and be one of the first to receive your device at launch

Going through the subscription process reveals that Onward Mobility may not only be looking to release a new phone for the general public. One question asks “…how many devices do you anticipate procuring?” So it could be that BlackBerry makes another entrance in the professional market, along with being made available for everyone else.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that there’s a new phone ready to be launched any time soon. But Onward Mobility also doesn’t state when we could see this new 5G-enabled BlackBerry, let along what kind of design it will have or features will offered.

We’ve seen companies like Unihertz try to fill the void left by BlackBerry’s exit from the smartphone market. And by most accounts, the Unihertz Titan has done an admirable job, but it just doesn’t have the history and nostalgia that Blackberry does.

Although this new BlackBerry might be fun to mess around with, we aren’t expecting anything earth-shattering. Let’s just hope that it actually makes it to market, and doesn’t end up falling off a cliff anytime soon.


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