Jul 19th, 2021 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 1:45 pm

When foldable phones first hit the market, Samsung had to quickly recall some of the models sent out to reviewers. This is because of the build quality of the phones in which they weren’t as durable as many would have liked, especially for a phone that costs $2,000. Samsung has made improvements over time, and the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3 could be its best iteration yet.

According to a tweet by well-known leakster Ice Universe, they are claiming that for the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Samsung could be equipping the phone with their strongest folding screen technology to date. We’re not sure exactly how much more durable we’re talking about, but if durability was one of the reasons you’ve held back on foldable phones, maybe this could help allay some of those concerns.

The displays of foldable phones are probably one of its weakest points, because over time and with repeated use, we imagine that the materials will get stressed to the point of failure. This is versus regular displays that might only break if you drop it, but with foldable phones, there’s an extra worry that one day your display will just break because you folded it one time too many.

It will be interesting to see the stress tests once the phone is released, and speaking of which, last we heard Samsung is planning an Unpacked event for August so it won’t be too long now until we hear more details.

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