Samsung “accidentally” shows off Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Watch 4 Classic in new video


Samsung has been doing its damndest to try and stop the leaks from coming, but this time, it has no one to blame but itself. Samsung posted a new video on its YouTube channel (via MaxJmb), giving the developers of “Good Lock” a bit of screen time. But for a brief moment, you can get a glimpse at what we suspect are the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

At the 0:57 mark in the video, the Z Fold 3 and Watch 4 Classic are briefly shown off by one of the Good Lock developers. Unfortunately (and likely on purpose), you can’t see the screen of the next foldable, while the Galaxy Watch 4’s display also stays off while on-screen.

The reason why you can tell this phone apart from the current Galaxy Z Fold 2 is thanks to the camera module. It’s only visible for less than a second, but the design of the camera lines up with the recently leaked renders that we’ve seen. It also seems that Samsung is at least working on a new folio case for the Z Fold 3. One of the biggest problems with the Z Fold 2 launch was that the case options at the launch were extremely scarce, and were sold out for quite some time.

One more bit of information we can pull from this little snippet is that it seems that the crease will return. It’s not something that’s not overly noticeable with the Z Fold 2, but we were hoping that it would be even less noticeable with the Z Fold 3. Seeing how Samsung improved the display is going to be interesting, especially considering that we’re expecting to finally get S Pen support.


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