Google is building a screenshot tool into Chrome


Want to take a screenshot in Chrome? There are plenty of ways to do that if you’re using Windows or Mac, but did you know that Chrome actually has a hidden screenshot function? It’s not the most obvious and not easy to find, but the good news is that it looks like Google is ready to bring the feature front and center.

This is according to a post on Reddit by u/Leopeva64-2 who discovered the feature in the latest Chrome Gerrit patch. According to the discovery, it seems that Google is changing up the sharing options in the submenu and one of the new tools is screen capture. It’s a pretty straightforward and self-explanatory feature, although we have to wonder if it might have some of the features that was part of the previously-hidden screenshot tool.

Image credit – u/Leopeva64-2

For those unfamiliar, one of the features of the hidden Chrome screenshot tool was the ability to capture full page screenshots, meaning that it could go beyond just what you see on the screen and could capture an entire webpage’s length in a single image. This is useful for preserving websites in case the content or page gets taken down.

So like we said, we’re not sure if this change that makes the feature more accessible will have the same functionality, but hopefully it will. Even Microsoft Edge has a native screenshot tool, so it’s about time that Chrome gets its own as well.

Source: XDA Developers

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