Latest OnePlus Watch update aims to improve GPS reliability


It’s been a few months since the OnePlus Watch hit the market, and OnePlus has been steadily releasing updates for its first smartwatch. Many of these updates have been to provide features that should have been available at launch, and today, there’s another one available.

With update version B.62, OnePlus is offering a slightly smaller update, focusing more on optimizations. In the OnePlus Forums post, the company details the different design changes that are arriving, along with improving the accuracy of the GPS. Arguably, this has been the biggest issue for the OnePlus Watch, which isn’t great considering that its interface isn’t all that special.

Here’s the full changelog:

  • Design
    • Optimize the design details of some dials, make them look better, and add some information such as date;
    • Optimize the layout of some interface buttons, making them more intuitive and convenient to use;
    • The newly designed volume control function makes adjustment easier and convenient;
    • Optimize the remote control camera interface;
  • Workout
    • Improved the accuracy and speed of GPS positioning

In Nick’s review of the Watch, he states that “the watch continues to short me on my runs by a good 20%”. Hopefully, this update will fix some of those GPS positioning issues, but we’ll have to wait and see.

The B.62 update is rolling out starting today and will arrive via an OTA update. OnePlus recommends charging the Watch at least up to 40% before attempting to install the update in order to avoid any potential problems in the process.


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