You could buy 7 Nintendo Switch’s for the price of this Super Mario-themed Tag Heuer smartwatch


If you’re a diehard Super Mario fan and want a piece of history, now’s your chance to jump. Tag Heuer has announced (via Engadget) a new Connected x Super Mario Limited Edition smartwatch that is coming later this week. The watch features various custom watch faces, along with a unique design with some other logos and icons that you will likely recognize. For example, the 15-minute marker has been replaced with a mushroom, while the 45-minute marker is the star power-up.

What makes this new Tag Heuer smartwatch collaboration interesting is how Tag has integrated Mario into the interface. Instead of just providing some fun watch faces to switch between, Mario will also help you keep track of your goals throughout the day. He’ll provide some encouragement (through animations) as you reach different goals throughout the day.

As for the specs, it appears to be the same version of the Tag Heuer Connected that launched last year. This means you’ll get the Snapdragon Wear 3100 SoC, a 430mAh battery, and 5ATM water resistance. But those don’t really matter all that much given that this is a collector’s edition piece.

What might matter to some is that you shouldn’t expect this version to see an update to the next version of Wear OS. Trying to figure out which smartwatches will see the upgrade has been a mixed bag, and we’re just left awaiting the final word from Google before smartwatch makers can provide concrete answers.

This pretty-sweet Super Mario Tag Heuer smartwatch is a limited edition release, as Tag Heuer has announced only 2,000 units will be sold. That may seem a bit low, but when you consider that the smartwatch is priced at $2,150, it’s a little bit easier to understand. If you want to try your hand at picking one of these up, it’ll be available from Tag Heuer and select boutique stores starting on July 15th. But instead of dropping more than $2,000, just put that money to good use and grab the new Switch (or a couple) when it lands this October.


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