ZTE’s Axon 30 5G is coming soon with an updated under display selfie camera


Late last year, ZTE introduced the world’s first smartphone featuring an under-display selfie camera with the ZTE Axon 20 5G. This was a mid-range phone that wasn’t designed to be a spec-powerhouse, but instead, was showing off what could be possible for future devices. Unfortunately, the Axon 20 5G’s camera was more of a flop than anything else, as the quality of the camera just simply wasn’t good enough.

Earlier today, the company began teasing (via GSMArena) its next attempt at an under-display selfie camera, which will arrive with the ZTE Axon 30 5G.The company posted a teaser, sharing that the device would be coming soon, while showing off 3/4 of the phone, presumably the top of it sans a selfie camera cutout.

Given that the Axon 30 Ultra was already released, it’s a bit odd to see the Axon 30 5G arrive later. This delay could have something to do with making sure that the camera tech was ready, or it could be thanks to the ongoing global chip shortage.

What we don’t know is what other specs and/or features the Axon 30 5G will bring to the table. However, if you look at the rest of the Axon 30 family that’s already available, then you could surmise that we’ll see another flagship option. This means the Snapdragon 888, at least 8GB of RAM, and a faster refresh rate, to go along with that new selfie camera.

The teaser provided by ZTE didn’t reveal a release date for the Axon 30 5G. But we are expecting to see some type of announcement sometime this month.


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