Regulators want to cap wireless charging power output at 50W


Wired charging speed for smartphones has increased over the years, and so has wireless charging. Long gone are the days when wireless chargers would output a measly 5W that would take hours for a device to charge. These days, we’re looking at some manufacturers who have managed to demonstrate 120W wireless charging power.

But it seems that as far as the Chinese authorities are concerned, wireless charging speeds need to be capped at 50W. This is according to reports who claim that the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology have issued “Interim Provisions” on wireless charging technology. These documents claim that in order for wireless chargers to be sold in China, they cannot exceed 50W.

Note that these are the provisions set in China and that for other parts of the world, they might be fine with wireless chargers exceeding 50W. The reason behind this cap is to prevent harmful interference with other radio services and to maintain the order of airwaves, and to regulate radio spectrum resources.

It also suggests that wireless charging that is too powerful could pose some hazards to certain industries. That being said, 50W is already plenty fast, so maybe instead of developing faster charging technology, we should focus more on developing batteries that can last longer.

Source: GizChina

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