Forget foldable displays, Royole shows off the world’s first stretchable display


The problem with a lot of displays is that they are rigid. Even foldable displays have their limitations, but it seems that Royole might have figured it out as they have announced what they claim is the world’s first micro LED-based stretchable display. This means that this display can not only bend, it can contort, twist, be pulled, and made into a variety of shapes while continuing to work.

This in turn opens the door to all kinds of possibilities, not just for smartphones, but potentially wearables as well. We’ve already seen concepts like those made by Lenovo back in 2016, where they showed off a concept of a phone that could be worn like a bracelet. In fact, Lenovo made a prediction back then that bendable devices would become a thing in five years, which is now, and they’re kind of right.

Now, the prototype display from Royole measures just 2.7-inches and its resolution of 96×60 is far from impressive, but the concept is hard to ignore and it does sound very exciting. For those unfamiliar, Royole has actually been claiming a lot of industry-firsts. The company was actually the first to the market with a foldable smartphone, even if it didn’t necessarily garner that much mainstream attention.

At the moment Royole’s flexible display seems more like proof-of-concept and they would need to scale it up if they’re hoping for mainstream adoption.

Source: Royole

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