Lenovo predicts bendable smartphones will be released within the next five years


Earlier today, a patent was found that Samsung had filed that will allow for the usage of a bendable,flexible smartphone and tablet. At Lenovo Tech World, Lenovo displayed one of its prototypes for a smartphone that wraps around your wrist, and a tablet that folds into a smartphone. The smartphone world is on the brink of a big change, and Lenovo thinks that we are just five years away from flexible smartphones becoming a reality.



“It’s hard to put an exact time frame on it. I think this is a product that could come to market in the next five years … the next couple is a bit aggressive, in particular because the equation of technology, novelty and price point. So you have to have a product that you can deliver the market that makes it a good value proposition.”

Aymar de Lencquesaing, co-president of Lenovo’s mobile business group

With Lenovo’s CPlus prototype, the company has revealed the beginning of its plans to revolutionize the smartphone market. However, although Lenovo actually gave everyone something to look at, you can be rest assured that there are more companies that are already working on this technology and figuring out ways to make it cost-effective to release on the market. Due to the various hurdles that come in tow with a device like this, Lenovo thinks we are still five years away from seeing these devices released in mass-production waves, but the fact that the time frame isn’t longer is amazing.

Of those hurdles, one that I personally am looking forward to see is how these bendable smartphones will be conformed to those with larger wrists, if in fact they will be able to be snapped onto my wrist. Additionally, are we looking at a regression in screen size to accommodate the ever-developing technology?

[via CNBC]


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