Xiaomi could be giving its lower-end smartphones a way to boost their RAM


One thing in common in lower-end smartphones is that in order to make them more affordable, companies compromise on certain specs like the amount of storage and RAM. This is a quick and easy way to save on costs, but this can also be detrimental to the user as some apps might not be compatible due to the lack of RAM.

The good news for Xiaomi smartphone users is that according to Kacper Skrzypek, the unofficial Polish translate for Xiaomi’s MIUI, it seems that Xiaomi is working on a cool new feature that will help boost the amount of RAM in its lower-end smartphones. How does this work? Basically by enabling the feature, it will take memory from your phone’s physical storage – ROM – and use it for RAM.

As you can see in the tweet above, the feature will take 1GB of storage space and add it to however much RAM the phone has, so you could be getting a bump from 4GB to 5GB of RAM, for example. This concept is actually not new and has been used in the past for Virtual Memory on Windows computers.

It is also not new for smartphones as companies such as Vivo introduced a similar feature to the Vivo V21 smartphone. There is currently no word on when Xiaomi plans on releasing this feature to the masses, but if any of you are holding a lower-specced Xiaomi phone, this could be a feature you might want to look forward to.

Source: Lowyat.net

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