The Only Way To Really Identify Calls & Block Spam Calls


Looking to identify unknown numbers? And to block scam and spam calls too? Honestly, aren’t we all? Well, you’ve surely come to the right place to solve these issues. CallApp does just that (and much, much more too). This Android app offers it all completely free of charge and does so better than any other app of its kind.  Here’s how.

The Most Advanced Caller ID Technology

CallApp ensures that its users always know who’s calling. Not only does CallApp have the world’s largest phone number database, capable of identifying billions upon billions of numbers across the globe, even if the number isn’t saved in one’s contact book, but the app also has the most advanced number identification software. The software works on an AI, hierarchy system in order to identify numbers as accurately as possible.  CallApp doesn’t just take the name that your best friend and mom saved you as in their contact book, because that name obviously doesn’t apply to the rest of the world, and CallApp is capable of making that differentiation for you. 

Verify Numbers: Prevent Caller ID Spoofing 

CallApp has also recently added a number verification feature in order to prevent Caller ID spoofing, which is unfortunately incredibly common, especially in the United States. If you’re not yet familiar with this term, it’s when a caller attempts to show up on your phone screen as another number in order to gain your trust and then scam you. Scammers often present themselves as a government agency or medical office, offering some kind of elaborate story as to why they need your money. Most Caller ID apps and technologies are not capable of confirming numbers and recognizing them as a spoof, and in turn, many people fall victim to these kinds of scams.  

Block Scam & Spam Calls

While CallApp can, of course, recognize a scammer or spammer for you when they call, the app also allows its users to prevent these calls from coming in from the get-go.  No one has the time or energy to deal with this nonsense, which is why CallApp makes it super simple to block calls from literally any unwanted number.  Any number can be blocked in just a click and they’ll never know too. You can rest assured that with CallApp, you’ll never receive a spam or scam call again and that you can answer every call with complete confidence.  For many people, this can also mean a better night’s sleep. 

Scam Stats 

Unfortunately, scam and robocalls only seem to be becoming more and more prevalent. According to statistics,  a shocking 56 billion Americans were robbed of their hard-earned money from phone scams in 2020.  This number only continues to grow, which is why it’s crucial to make sure you have an app that can protect you against these kinds of calls that are often rather difficult to recognize. Scammers are professional at what they do, and they know how to hit us where it hurts, fooling even the smartest of victims. Especially with Caller ID spoofing and Corona-related scams going around, we are more vulnerable than ever before. 

The Full Experience 

CallApp may be best known by its users as a Caller ID and Call Blocker app, but it offers far more than these two main features. From Call Recording, to Call Customization, Call Productivity with unique AI features, Personalized Analytics and Insights, and even in-app Backup as well as the ability to see Who Viewed Your Profile, there’s really nothing that CallApp hasn’t thought of.  It’s safe to say that with CallApp, the future of communication has already arrived. 

Premium Packages 

The basic version of CallApp is free to download, however, Premium packages can be purchased either on a monthly basis or a lifetime subscription can also be made.  Why pay for a Premium package when the app is free? Good question.

The Premium package offers an ad-free experience, which already makes it a worthwhile investment. But in addition, a Premium package also offers access to unlimited call recordings, access to CallApp plus (the ability to identify messages from unsaved contacts), unlocks all your profile views, all of your data insights,  allows you to enjoy store items for free and even gives you the ability to enjoy Premium Support with a faster response rate! The cost varies per country but it’s generally not more than $1 a month – and if you ask us, it’s nothing for everything they’re offering here.  

Want it all but don’t want to spend the money? No problem – that’s where CallApp’s Refer and Earn program comes in, allowing you to earn yourself a free Premium (lifetime) subscription by simply inviting your friends to download CallApp too! It works based on a points system, and once you reach 20 points, you’ll be rewarded with a free Premium subscription! And even before you reach 20 points, you’ll also be rewarded with additional store unlocks and advanced features for inviting your friends! 

Proven Success 

CallApp is already used, trusted and enjoyed by 100 million people in 22 different countries across the globe.  The app was recently featured by Google Play as one of the best apps, proving the incredible success of CallApp.  There’s also been no shortage of stories about how CallApp has saved innocent victims against scams, especially in recent times with so many COVID-19 scams going around.  CallApp is proud to be the Caller ID and Scam Blocker of choice for users worldwide, and will only continue to fight scammers no matter what it takes. 

Identify calls. Block scammers and spammers. Protect yourself. Download CallApp now

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