VIP-SCDkey Sale: Windows 10 PRO OEM $15 and Office 2019 for $45!


If you’re concerned that getting a fresh and licensed copy of Windows 10 might be an expensive affair, think again. The good folks over at VIP-SCDKey are currently running an awesome promotion that will discount the price of its Windows 10 Pro OEM key and also Microsoft Office 2016 or 2019 productivity suites.

This discount will knock 22% off the price of this software with the skpha discount code, bringing the price of Windows 10 Pro OEM down to $15, and Office 2019 down to $45. It’s a pretty good deal and could be worth checking out if you’re looking to make the upgrade!

Other awesome discounts

If you already own a copy of Windows 10 Pro or don’t really see the need to upgrade, we get it. The good news is that apart from selling OEM copies of Windows 10, VIP-SCDKey also sells other types of software including video games and utility software such as antivirus scanners and more.

The 22% skpha discount code will continue to be valid and usable in those cases, so even if you don’t need Windows or Office, you can still nab yourself a pretty good deal on other types of software from their website.

What’s the difference between OEM and Retail?

Some of you might be wondering why is Windows 10 Pro so cheap? This is because the version that is being sold is the OEM version. There is a difference in price in both OEM and retail, where retail tends to be a lot more expensive, but there are advantages to either and it really depends on your use and preferences.

OEM keys are typically bought by computer manufacturers who need to install Windows on their prebuilt desktops and laptops. These keys are only good for a one-time use, meaning that once you’ve installed it, you can’t use it again on another PC, even if you uninstall the original copy.

Retail, on the other hand, lets you move the Windows license from one computer to another. It might also be preferable for users who feel like they need to “own” their software in a more permanent sort of way.

That being said, VIP-SCDkey’s Windows 10 Pro OEM prices are so low that it is definitely a lot cheaper to purchase another OEM key if you need it again.

Why upgrade to Windows 10 Pro?

With Microsoft offering users different versions of Windows, some might be confused between the Home and Pro versions. Is there a difference? Is it worth upgrading to? The Home version of Windows 10 might be good enough for most users, especially if you use the computer for basic things like surfing the web, playing the occasional game, typing up documents, and so on.

This doesn’t mean that Windows 10 Pro isn’t worth upgrading to though,

Some of the features in Windows 10 Pro include additional security which isn’t a bad thing these days. This includes BitLocker device encryption so that in the event that your device is lost or stolen, you’ll be able to put all your files on lockdown and encrypt it so that whoever stole it will not be able to access them.

Windows Information Protection is also another noteworthy feature that will help prevent accidental data leaks. Then there are also other pretty cool and potentially useful features like mobile device management, Remote Desktop Protocol, and more.

Plus, at such a low price of $15, there really is no reason why you shouldn’t choose Windows 10 Pro over the Home version. Just be sure to use the skpha code upon checkout to take advantage of that 22% discount.

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