Now’s the best time to see if the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is right for you


In most cases, whenever you purchase a new phone, you’re limited to a 14-day (or 2-week) return policy. That doesn’t really give everyone the most amount of time to determine if a phone is for them. That could leave you with buyer’s remorse, and that’s not a great experience for anyone.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Review: The best phone I’ve ever used

This is especially true with devices like the Galaxy Z Fold 2 or Z Flip 5G, as you may think that the big screen may be ideal, only to realize that you would rather have a smaller screen. Samsung has announced a new program called “Buy and Try”, giving you up to 100 days before you’ll need to return either device.

It’s important to note that this program is only available for either the Z Fold 2 or Z Flip 5G, and not Samsung’s other smartphones. Essentially, this program is nothing more than offering an extended return period, bucking the trend of the 14-days that we are used to dealing with.

But instead of having to deal with any potential “catches” with this program, you can go down the route of buying either of these just like you would before. That includes being able to take advantage of Samsung’s generous trade-in programs, along with receiving $200 in Samsung Store credit. The only real catch with the “Buy and Try” program is that it’s only available through Meaning that if you want to try and go to your local Best Buy or carrier location, then you’ll still be subjected to the normal 14-day return policy (or whatever your store enforces).

The program kicks off today, and runs until April 1st, giving you time to consider whether you would prefer the larger screen of the Z Fold 2, or something a bit more compact like the Z Flip. In fact, now’s the perfect time to decide which of these is right for you, as the rumor mill continues to ramp up surrounding the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Let us know if you’ll be trying this out for yourself and grabbing either the Fold 2 or the Z Flip 5G.


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