8 best messaging alternatives to WhatsApp


Recently, Facebook-owned WhatsApp announced that they will be making some changes to its privacy policy in which they will begin sharing data with Facebook. The company had previously introduced these changes, but gave users an option to opt-out (if they were aware of it).

These new changes basically states that there is no more option to opt-out and that if you want to keep using WhatsApp, you’ll have no choice but to agree with these changes. If that makes you feel a bit uncomfortable, then here are some of the best alternatives to WhatsApp that we’ve found.

Back in the day when WhatsApp did not offer VoIP calls, Viber was a great alternative. The app is still pretty popular and offers end-to-end encryption along with other similar features that WhatsApp has. The company makes bold claims regarding its privacy and security, noting that nothing you share in your chats is ever stored on their servers once it has been delivered.

It also allows users to start chats with other users and hiding their phone numbers, meaning that if you’d rather not have someone you just met know your number this an option. Users can also hide chats behind PINs so that they won’t accidentally be opened even if someone gets their hands on your phone.

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