Ivacy VPN Unblocks Netflix regional restrictions with its amazing $0.99/month Christmas sale


The minute your computer connects to the internet, you’re already giving away some information about yourself. This is because your IP address can already tell someone (who knows what they’re doing) where you’re from. Your online activities can also be tracked by things like cookies, your internet service provider, and more.

Even if you don’t think you’re anyone of interest, it doesn’t mean that you should give your information away freely, which is why VPNs are starting to become more popular and almost borderline necessary these days.

In fact, if you’ve been eyeing a VPN service but have yet to pull the trigger, then Ivacy VPN’s Christmas sale is a deal too good to pass up on.

The company is offering a deal where you only have to pay $0.99 per month, making it one of the cheapest (paid) VPNs in existence right now, so it wouldn’t really be that big of an investment for you to try it out if you’re curious.

What is a VPN, and why do you need one?

In case you’re not familiar with the concept of a VPN, it is a service that creates a private network that hides some of your personal identifiable information, such as your location. It can also be used to scramble the data that you’re sending over the internet which is important if you’re outside and you’re hooked onto a public WiFi network.

If you’re someone who is outside a lot and don’t always have access to a private or secured network, then a VPN would be perfect for you. VPNs will allow you to surf the web and conduct even banking transactions while keeping your connection safe and secure, so even hackers who are monitoring public networks for potential victims will not be able to target you, at least to a certain extent and assuming you practice certain safety measures.

Why Ivacy VPN?

If the $0.99 a month Christmas sale wasn’t enough to tempt you, Ivacy VPN has a bunch of features that could make it worth checking out all the same. One of the features of VPNs is to make websites think that your connection is coming from a different location, which means that if you wanted to watch shows or access services that aren’t available in your region, VPNs can help.

Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+

In fact, Ivacy VPN can unlock as many as 7 major Netflix regions. This includes the US, France, Japan, UK, Australia, Germany, and Canada. This means that you’ll be able to watch Netflix from those regions, and given that Netflix has different catalogs for different regions, you will have more movies and TV shows to choose from.

In addition to Netflix, Ivacy VPN also unblocks other services such as BBC iPlayer that lets you stream British television shows, and also Disney+, which if you have a subscription will let you watch popular Disney+ shows like The Mandalorian, as well as access the platform’s upcoming series of Marvel TV shows.

Fast Connection

The problem that some VPNs face is that when you connect to one of their servers, depending on how far those servers are from your actual location, it can sometimes result in slower connections, but that’s not an issue with Ivacy VPN.

The company holds the title for being the Fastest VPN for 2019, with benchmarks and reviews from various reputable publications and also the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, beating out some of the other popular VPNs in the market right now.

Split Tunneling

Ivacy VPN also offers up split tunneling, a technology which they claim to have pioneered. This allows users to easily switch between using their LAN or the VPN to access certain websites or content.

For example, if you’re doing something online that requires that additional layer of privacy and security, you would use the VPN, but if you wanted to access something locally or are doing something that you don’t want the VPN to affect the speeds, then you would switch to LAN.

You could manually turn the VPN on and off but that’s troublesome and time-consuming, and split tunneling does that for you automatically by letting you choose which sites/services you want the VPN to work on, and which you don’t.

Dedicated secure downloading feature with P2P Optimized Servers

Downloading files online, especially through P2P connections, can sometimes be dangerous as you might end up with a virus or malware. In addition to protecting your privacy online, Ivacy VPN also offers up real-time threat detection, while also being able to scan and remove suspicious malware or viruses that are hiding in your files while they are being downloaded.

3500+ servers and 100+ locations

While Ivacy VPN does boast the fastest speeds, obviously choosing a server located closer to you would help improve your connection as the further you go, the greater the distance the data is being sent, which can affect your speeds.

Ivacy VPN has over 3,500 servers to choose from with over 100 locations, which means that finding the perfect server that balances your needs and speed should not be an issue.


There are various VPN services out there and some of them can cost as much as $10 a month, if not more. This can add up to quite a bit over the months or years, which is why at $0.99 a month, Ivacy VPN’s Christmas sale is a steal. You will have to sign up for the annual billing option, but at $60 for essentially five years of service and coverage, it’s hard to find a better deal today.

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