Peak Design’s Mobile accessories lineup offer a unique and compelling ecosystem


Peak Design has been well-respected within the camera community for a while now. They’ve built some of the best and most popular camera accessories and bags and now the company’s looking to expand its portfolio by stepping into the smartphone segment.

Peak Design Mobile is a new module accessory platform that centers around a protective case for your phone that features a ceramic + magnet insert in the middle that allows the case to magnetically attach itself to over a dozen different accessories that enhance your phone’s form and function. Like most other Peak Design product launches, this new lineup is making its debut on Kickstarter and will be shipping to customers in early 2021, but has already secured more than $1.7 million in funding from 9,800 backers.

We were contacted by Peak Design to get a first look at the Peak Design Mobile case and a few of the accessories. While I was a bit disappointed to learn that the Peak Design Mobile case will only be made available for select iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S20 lineup, the iPhone 11 Pro case they sent over fit my Pixel 5 quite well. For non-Apple smartphones, Peak Design is offering a universal mount that connects to the back of your phone or your smartphone’s case via 3M adhesive. To test it out, I stuck it to the back of the OnePlus Nord, allowing the phone to work perfectly with all the accessories I was given.

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Over the years I’ve used quite a few accessories that feature proprietary mounting systems that allow them to attach to a smartphone case, but the ceramic + magnet insert connection use by the Peak Design Mobile system is truly phenomenal. Simpy hold the phone within an inch of the accessory and the magnets will align the case and the accessory perfectly, pulling them together with a satisfying “clack.”

I was honestly a bit surprised by how well the whole system works. It’s practically impossible to not get the alignment right and the magnets are strong enough that you don’t need to worry about them detaching if you throw your phone in a bag or if you’re using the car mount attachment.

For the Kickstarter campaign, Peak Design has unveiled a kickstand wallet, Qi charging stand, a charging or non-charging car mount, mobile tripod, bike mounts, motorcycle mounts, and more. The bike and motorcycle mounts feature a hard lock system in addition to the magnets to make sure your phone stays exactly where you left it since no one wants their smartphone accidentally falling off if you hit a pothole. The hard lock system still uses the magnets for perfect alignment, but it’s enhanced with locking aluminum teeth that can be disengaged by punching the release mechanism on the back of the accessory.

My favorite accessory was by far the Mobile Tripod that allows your phone to stand up in portrait or landscape mode and freely adjust it to nearly any angle you want. It’s perfect for recording video or capturing timelapse shots, but the main thing I used it for was Zoom calls since they seem to have taken over my life as of late.

If you’ve ever shopped Peak Design products, you probably already know that they’re not cheap. The $16 universal mount is the cheaper way to get you good wet with the new Peak Design Mobile lineup, but if you own an iPhone or a Galaxy S20 smartphone, you can also purchase the Peak Design Everyday case for $32. The compatible accessories range from $32 for the basic car mount, $45 for the Mobiel Tripod to $72 for the wireless charging stand. If you’re looking to go all-in, Peak Design is offering a complete accessory pack for $332 which is $30 cheaper than if you purchased the accessories separately.

I truly appreciate the build quality and the attention to detail in Peak Design’s new mobile accessory lineup. The prices are a bit hard to swallow, but the accessories will likely last longer than your smartphone, allowing you to purchase a new case when you upgrade your device and continue using the Peak Design Mobile system for years to come.

If you’re interested in getting in on the Kickstarter campaign and the special pricing that goes along with it, be sure to back the project before the campaign ends on December 17th.

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