Is the LG Wing already a flop?


Back in September, LG introduced a new smartphone called the LG Wing. This is a smartphone that comes with a display that can swivel out, revealing a secondary display beneath it. While swiveling displays aren’t new, it is a pretty clever take on the design, but it seems that maybe not everyone is sold on the idea.

According to a tweet by leakster Sleepy Kuma, it appears that as far as the South Korean market is concerned, the LG Wing looks like a flop. The tweet is alleging that pre-orders for the phone in the country have only amounted to 1,275 units. The tweet goes on to compare it against the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, which managed to garner 80,000 units.

To be fair, both phones are very different from each other, but given how much more expensive the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is compared to the LG Wing, and given that both devices can be viewed as experimental devices of sorts, the LG Wings pre-orders are certainly paling in comparison.

That being said, it seems that LG might have anticipated low demand for the device. Apparently the company has set a rather modest goal for the end of 2020 where they’re aiming for 3,000 units sold (for Korea, not the rest of the world). LG did mention that the LG Wing is under its Explorer program which lets the company experiment with new phone designs and concepts, so maybe it was never intended to become a mainstream device, although we’re sure that the company would love it if it turned out to be a sleeper hit.

Perhaps the LG Wing might fare better in international markets, but we’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, are you surprised? Or was this to be expected? More importantly, is the LG Wing under consideration to be your next smartphone?

Source: PhoneArena

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