LG wants to make phones with slide-out displays cool again


Back in the day of the feature phone, we saw a lot of smartphones that featured a slide-out display design, where the keyboard/keypad would be hidden under the display and users would have to slide it out to access it. The idea was that this created a device that was smaller and more compact, but obviously not particularly applicable with today’s smartphones.

Or is it?

According to a recent teaser, LG has hinted that they are working on a new smartphone with a slide-out display. We can only imagine that with this particular design, users could slide-out a secondary display which when combined with the first, would result in a smartphone with a massive display, potentially bordering on a tablet-like design.

This is part of LG’s Explorer Program which the company plans on using to experiment with new designs and mobile solutions. Not much is known about this particular handset, but it is hot on the heels of LG announcing the LG Wing, a phone with a swivel display that hides a secondary display beneath it.

What’s particularly interesting is that LG seems to be doing everything they can not to make a smartphone with a foldable display, but yet still has the ability to give users the option of having more screen real estate when they need it. There is no word on when this particular LG handset will be announced, but you can bet we’re pretty intrigued by it.

Source: Engadget

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