That’s not good: the OnePlus Nord cracks under pressure


Cheap phones are cheap for a reason. There are many ways that companies can cut the cost of a smartphone to make it more affordable to customers, and in the case of the OnePlus Nord, it seems that the company has opted to use cheaper materials for the construction of the phone’s chassis.

This is evidenced in a video by JerryRigEverything in which he puts the phone through the usual paces of scratching, burning, and bending. It turns out that in the bend test, the phone appears to break after several attempts which is not a good look. This is because while the phone itself looks premium, the back is made from what appears to be plastic that has been given a paint job to look metallic.

This means that if you’re the type of person who puts their phones in their back pockets of their pants, then you might want to avoid doing this with the OnePlus Nord, especially if you want to avoid situations where you forget your phone is there and you sit down and accidentally snap it in half.

That being said, we want to point out that while its durability might seem a bit questionable, by no means does this detract from the fact that this is a pretty solid device in terms of specs and features, making it quite a value for money purchase. If you’re the type that takes care of their devices, then this is pretty much a non-issue.

Tyler Lee
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