Jul 24th, 2020

The Samsung Galaxy S20+ is quite an amazing device, but the phone’s $1,200 price tag is one big reason you might have overlooked the phone so far. Fortunately, Amazon is offering a $250 discount on the Galaxy S20+, bringing the final price down to $950!

At that price, the Galaxy S20+ is cheaper than the standard Galaxy S20 and $50 cheaper than the OnePlus 8 Pro with 12GB of RAM. By comparison, the Galaxy S20+ is a much better device than the Oneplus 8 Pro, offering the same amount of RAM, but featuring a much better camera system, an official IP rating, 30x Space Zoom and much more.

The $950 deal on the Samsung Galaxy S20+ only lasts one day, so you’ll have to decide pretty quickly if this phone is right for you. Check out our Samsung Galaxy S20+ review and camera comparisons to get a better feel for what Samsung’s 2020 flagship smartphone has to offer.

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